Register for the SPEC OPS Challenge in the next three days for only $500

Sign up for the SPEC OPS Challenge in the next three days for only $500!   That's $100 off the early registration price.  This inlcudes both days of training, uniform, weapon,  and non-lethal ammo.

You can reserve your space with a deposit of only $100.
​Balance due by July 1.

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San Diego, CA

August 3 -4, 2019

Early Registration Price $500

Ends July 1 - Regular Admission $1189

This is our most realistic and intense military adventure!  The SPEC OPS Challenge features over 16 hours of action.  The two days  feature advanced close quarter combat training and force on force scenarios with the most advanced non-lethal training systems available.  

On day one, you and your team will be equipped with helmets, body armor and M4 tactical rifles .  Our military instructors will train you to work with the M4/AR-15 rifle in our 10,000 square foot shoot house.  Learn to move and shoot as a team.  

Come back on day two for six hours of intense combat missions at our indoor  training venue.  Experience six  interconnected missions in our urban combat environment filled with  gun fire and explosions.  

Experience includes:
 - Safety briefing and orientation
 - Equipment issue and familiarization
 - Team formation and movement drills
 - Close quarter combat training
 - Mission planning
 - Six hours of scenario based missions
 - Souvenir ball cap and combat shirt

Admission includes the use of all equipment, weapons and ammo.  Lunch is provided for participants on both days.


Hosted at Academi Southwest
7685 Siempre Viva Road, San Diego, CA 92154

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